Sourcing and Inspection

Investing in a company requires beforehand research. It’s just as wise to be diligent when you’re sourcing from China

As profitable it might seem, sourcing from China can be problematic due to irreconcilable differences between you and your supplier.

At TNL Cargo, we help you narrow down your supplier options and further ensure that the dealings with your Chinese suppliers become transparent.

With our vast experience of Chinese markets and trends, we help in procuring all types of goods including big, retail chain outlets, mega stores, merchandise importers, hospitality industry, builders, industrial consumers, apparel and footwear businesses, as well as general household products like cosmetics, artificial jewellery, toys, perfumes, home appliances etc.

You can provide us with the basic product requirements and specifications, and we shall source your products through our extensive marketing network in China.

Once you have sourced the product, we shall act as buying agents for you. We will facilitate communication between you and your supplier, easing out the inspection and payment process.

We would not only pay the price to your supplier in China, but also, procure the goods from your suppliers for shipment (once we’ve carried out all the inspections) and later, also arrange for transportation and warehousing of your goods at various locations in China.

We act as your friend, host, representative and agent in China.

In order to provide you all the services, we have experienced professionals, at most of the strategic places in China.