Export Custom Clearning

Export Clearance is a time consuming, complex procedure under which each consignment is manually examined in order to ascertain export duties to be levied.

At TNL Cargo, we understand custom rules and regulations, export exemptions and promotion schemes.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the formalities we help our clients with:


To move any good out of India, exporters have to obtain PAN based Business Identification Number (BIN) from Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) before they file for the shipping bill for export clearance.

Shipping Bill Processing

In case of Non-EDI system, filed as per the format prescribed in Shipping Bill and Bill of Export Regulations, 1991

Under EDI system, filed as per the Service Centers of Custom Office.

Quota Allocation

Quota allocation label needs to be pasted on the export invoice and the Quota Certificate is submitted to the Customs for further verification of export cargo.

Arrival at Docks

Port authorities now check the quantity of goods along with the necessary documents.

System Appraisal of Shipping Bill

The Shipping Bill is then processed based on the declarations made by the exporter either by the system (most cases) or custom officers to confirm classification, declared value, etc.

Custom Examination of Cargo

The quantity of the goods received are verified and entered into the system and handed over to Dock Appraiser, who if satisfied, would proceed to allow ‘let export’ for the consignment.


After the Dock Appraiser’s approval, the steamer agent gets hold of the Shipping Bill marked ‘Let Export’ and the exporter’s copy of Shipping Bill then gets ‘Shipped on Board’ approval.

Sample Drawal (If necessary)

The Dock Appraiser or Assistant/Deputy Commissioner if considered necessary can order for samples to be drawn for testing, visual inspection, market value enquiry, etc.


Any errors after filing the declaration can be corrected at the service center if the Shipping Bill hasn’t been generated yet.

Shipping Bill Generation

Two copies of Shipping Bill are generated; one each for Customs and exporter.

Export General Manifest

Once the vessel containing the shipment has sailed, we are required to furnish the Export General Manifest within 7 days, along with exporter’s copy of Shipping Bills.

Any export related matter or consultancy for customs, excise and service tax is provided by our experienced employees (retired officers).

Related matters are consulted upon by our staff with proper follow up of government rules and guidelines. Proper KYC and client know-how is done before any consultancy.