Export Baggage Clearance

Each and every passenger entering India is required to pass through a custom check, where in they have to declare the contents of their baggage in a prescribed custom declaration form.

In most cases, they are not allowed to bring in goods more than a prescribed value. Also, there are a number of limitations and restrictions on the baggage you can accommodate within the airplane. Once through the free limit, anything and everything you intend to carry becomes ‘Excess Luggage’. This excess baggage later becomes a pricey affair with airlines demanding outrageous charges for letting them on board.

Top Notch Logistics specializes in shipping excess baggage and luggage to any destination within India and is known for its perfect execution. As a proficient freight handler, we provide excess baggage and cargo relocation services within India.

TNL Cargo’s excess baggage service is a secure, reliable service with doorstep delivery.

At Top Notch Logistics, we ensure that:

  • Each and every product is handled by professionally trained staff
  • Our esteemed clients get the service within the set span of time
  • Our services do not burn a hole in our clients’ pockets

When you choose TNL Cargo’s Excess Baggage Service, you get:

  • Unmatched custom expertise
  • Door to door service
  • Value for money
  • Swift delivery
  • Travel proof packing
  • Easy documentation

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